5.4% reduction in GHG emissions per kilo of meat over the past year


Last year, the Spanish white-coat pork sector reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 5.4% per kilo of meat produced. This breaks the dynamic of the increase of previous years and makes the change in the mentality of companies such as Costa Brava Mediterranean Foods even more evident: although production continues to increase, total sectoral emissions have fallen significantly.
These data show not only that the sector has made an extraordinary effort to reduce its environmental impact, but also that it is in a position to continue reducing it in the coming years until it reaches a position of guaranteed climate neutrality in 2050.
This past year, for example, we have contributed by installing photovoltaic panels at the Sant Esteve de Llémena plant or by replacing diesel boilers with natural gas boilers, as we have recently done at the Quart plant, both in Girona.

It is in a position to continue reducing it in the coming years

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