Awarded for the Best Mid-market Corporate Transaction


First of all, we would like to thank the international association ACG Barcelona (Association for Corporate Growth) for awarding us the Prize for the Best Mid-market Corporate Operation and to thank the Vall Companys Group for making this possible with its participation and involvement in this joint project. We have been awarded this prize for the project to acquire Leridana de Piensos, together with the Vall Companys Group, which provided us with all its enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject.

Leridana de Piensos is a company with an annual turnover of 90 million euros and a production capacity of one million pigs. It has a slaughterhouse, a cutting plant, a feed factory and pig farms in Catalonia and Aragon.

This acquisition allows us to continue advancing in the integral control of traceability, animal welfare and genetic selection, as we have a greater number of pigs that will follow our own processes and will pass the strict controls set by the company.

We would like to end by congratulating Cementos Molins, who also received an award in their respective category at the event.

We are incredibly grateful for the recognition and for the excellent work done with Vall Companys

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