Tender and tasty marinated meat

About Us

At Coopecarn we are experts in fresh and frozen marinated meat, as well as pig lard and greaves.

Based in the towns of Quart and Cassá de la Selva (Girona), an area with a great meat tradition, we started operations in 2008 and since then have become established as one of the leading companies in our field.

We offer a wide range of marinated meats based on the freshest raw materials, the essential starting point for our products. Our lard, obtained solely from pig flare fat, is highly valued for baked goods and pastries and in the catering trade.

Grup Cañigueral provides us with integrated knowledge of the agrifood chain, enabling us to select the origin, diet and breeding of the animals. We have considerable experience and knowledge of food production and technology. We are Mercadona suppliers.

The freshest products thanks to Grup Cañigueral’s agrifood chain

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